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The Bradfute Family

Gimme a break, I'm working on it [webmaster :-]

Example ImageWelcome home - to the Bradfute family home page, that is. Come on in, stay awhile, and meet the folks. (I don't know the kid :-).

What's New with the Bradfute Family

Byron, Kay, Duward, Terry, Sherie and friend Warren went to Scottland (someone else too, no?).
Todd designed this page (no biggie, he mooched it from Netscape samples :-). 

Family News (nothing yet ... we're a little slow :-)
Wedding and Baby Pictures (nothing yet)
Family Tree (nothing yet)
Clan Gatherings (nothing yet)
Holiday Greetings  (nothing yet)

For whatever goofy reasons you might have, you can send e-mail to the Bradfute Family.

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This page last updated on July 25, 2000.
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